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Create your own Dirt bike

Pull a Backflip on Your Dirtbike Step 1.jpgBuild or find a foam pit. Building your own is suggested (a large wooden container will work fine). Make sure to secure the sides of the boards. When you jump into the foam pit with your bike, you need to get it out. Try making a crane out of a pulley and rope, strong enough to lift your bike (test it a couple times on the ground) Once that is complete, then you are set to go!


Get or make a ramp and put it very close to the pit. You want this ramp close to a 50-60 degree angle. That sounds pretty steep, but you will be able to fly off it and spin easily with the power of your bike (depending on your cc size).Pull a Backflip on Your Dirtbike Step 2.jpg Put your ramp about 4 meters (13.1 ft) from the pit (this is where you're going to start your flips).

Hit your ramp a few times to get the feeling of the jump; try pulling back on your bars and gunning the throttle, then kick away from your bike (don't let the bike fly over the foam pit, not a good idea). Once you have hit the jump enough to start the backflips and feel confident, it's time to try it.

Focus mainly on your take-off and exit. More specifically, figure out how much you have to pull back on your bars and throttle. Also determine where you are going to land, how you are going to land if you mess up, and how you are going to get off the bike in time.

Hit third gear; this is the best gear to start in for the backflip, as it provides lots of power for a short distance.

Pull a Backflip on Your Dirtbike Step 3.jpgAs you approach the ramp, let off a bit of gas, just enough to get your RPM down before the jump. Lean forward on your bars once you're going on the ramp.

At the top throttle, pull back on your bars, lean back and keep that throttle punched until you complete the rotation. The Gyro effect will give it an extra little boost if you keep that throttle punched.

Once you're starting to go upside down, do not freak out and jump off; the bike may land on top of you or you will hurt yourself. It's smart to stay on the bike as long as you can until the last second. Tilt your head back as far as possible to spot your landing, then bring the bars back up to your chest as hard as you can. Once completed the rotation, let go of the gas and smash into the foam pit.

Once you've got the backflip done and completed in the foam pit, keep it there for awhile until you can perfectly master it with no problem at all. This is for your personal safety.


Keep bringing the ramp farther and farther back, then get ramps which are less steep and try it off them until you can do it at any angle and distance.


Bring your 50-60 degree ramp out to your jumps and place it about four-five meters from the landing; this may have a different feeling then the foam pit because you see the ground and the landing is much different.

Pull a Backflip on Your Dirtbike Step 4.jpg Pull a Backflip on Your Dirtbike Step 5.jpg Pull a Backflip on Your Dirtbike Step 6.jpg Pull a Backflip on Your Dirtbike Step 7.jpg

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