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Harley Davidson Price list

Harley-Davidson Street 750

Harley Davidson – American motorcycle muscle on Filipino streets

Harley Davidson Inc or more commonly known as Harley Davidson is a world renowned motorcycle manufacturing company based in America. It was first established in 1903 as a major motorcycle brand that emerged after the Great Depression. It has its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in United States of America. Harley Davidson has a distinct "chopper" style chassis with heavily customized specs in addition to high displacement engines. However, the company failed to make a mark under light & middle weight categories. They are exclusively built for highway cruising and have largely grown as a brand community after 1977.

Historical Foundation

Harley Davidson Motorcycles was founded by William S Harley, Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson & Arthur Davidson in 1903. William S Harley started by designing a motorcycle fitted with an 116cc engine in collaboration with his friend Arthur Davidson at their machine shop in Milwaukee. After repeatedly failed attempts, William Harley & Davidson brother finally managed to make a breakthrough in 1903 and the prototype developed was made available for purchase through a dealer in Chicago Carl H Lang. Their workshop was further expanded in 1907 with an annual production of 150 motorcycles. These motorcycles usually severed the local police department in addition to other commercial users and were extensively used during World War I.

Post World War era

According to a survey conducted in 1920, Harley Davidson Inc was the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the whole world with over 28, 189 units sold through a vast network of dealerships in over 67 countries. Notable models during this period include Excelsior Super X & Indian 101 Scout. During the 1934 Great Depression total annual sales fell from 21, 000 units to 3, 703 units in a period of five years. However, Harley Davidson still remained in business by manufacturing a three wheeler delivery vehicle called "Servi Car" whose production continued till 197. Also, during the same time in 1936 Harley Davidson started selling motorcycles in Japan through dealerships owned by "Sankyo Seiyako Corporation" under "Rikuo" brand name.

World War II & Revival

Harley Davidson was one of the sole motorcycle brands that survived The Great Depression during 1930's. It also became one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of motorcycles to the United States Army during World War II. It later received many prestigious awards from United States government including "Army Navy E Award" in 1943 under "Excellence in Production" category. Harley Davidson was acquired by AMF (American Machine & Foundry) in 1969 which started laying off employees that resulted in subsequent strikes. The company was saved from verge of being extinct after AMF sold it to Wille G Davidson & Vaughn Beals for about $80 million.

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