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Before I start I would like to press a major safety issue. Please always wear a helmet. I recently got into an accident and it would have been much worse without a helmet. WEAR A HELMET! The damage can be seen in my other instructables here.

Okay now to the stuff you came to read and see. I completed this project with a friends help way before I started making instructables. So there is a little bit of step-by-step but not much. Even if there was the build is very subjective to the bicycle on hand. We built this bicycle on a decent budget without breaking the bank on a $660 Golden Eagle kit. In total I think it was about $575 to have a complete fully upgraded motorized bicycle which is still less than the kit or buying those silly Chinese kits. The bicycle I have is a Walmart Schwinn, the reason for it was I wanted nice accessories over a nice frame. The bike is heavy and a lighter frame would help but doesn't stop it from reaching a top speed of 30mph on a flat. I cruise at a comfortable speed of 20 mph I don't believe in W.O.T. (wide open throttle) an engine for more than 30 seconds and like keeping it at about 2/4 throttle. Anyways to the shopping list and what it cost me.

To start the shopping list this is what I bought:

  • The drive ring $50
  • Sprocket #12 $32,
  • Bicycle $?
  • Belt $32.
  • Honda GX31 with a centrifugal clutch about $80 on Ebay used.
  • Pieces of aluminum laying around that got cut to length and fitted to the bicycle. $?
  • The belt tentioner was made from a short piece of aluminum and two bearing. $?

In total before upgrades it only costed roughly $280 to have a motorized bicycle. But as described in my last part of this instructables you have to upgrade some parts like the tires, rims and other equipment you want on the bicycle. I will say it was a tricky to build because you have to measure twice and cut once. I already built it so it's hard to describe how it was built and put together.

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