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There are numerous ways to sell your used jet ski. The best way to sell it is by auctioning your jet ski online. You can also post an advertisement on your local ad or yellow pages. But before you sell your jet ski it is best that you first get your jet ski ready. Selling a used jet ski is the as selling a used automobile. It is highly recommended that not only does your used jet ski must have a flashy appearance; it also must do well on the water. You must find a way to make your used jet ski appear more presentable in appearance and performance. Here are few tips on how to do just that.• Eliminate all of the scratches and dents in the jet ski. You can remove the scratches by applying some compounds on the affected areas. There are numerous compounds available in the market these days. These compounds eliminate all of the scratches and impurities of the exterior of your used jet ski. Most of these products are inexpensive and will surely enhance your used jet ski’s value, not only that, it can help attract more potential buyers. The main objective of this is to make your used jet ski have a brand new look; new looking items appeal more to the buying public. • Get rid of all the rust or any signs of corrosion. After fixing the exterior problems of your used jet ski, you can now do the interior part, which is the engine and gears. Removing rust and any signs of corrosion in your used jet ski will gradually increase its performance. Once again, there are numerous products available in the market these days that can help you with this problem. Most of these products can be obtain on hardware stores. You can also order some jet ski maintenance products online. To increase the performance of your used jet ski, it is recommended that you remove and replace all of the things that are corroded. • Do a bit of research. It is important that you must know the actual price of your jet ski. There are lots of websites on the internet that will help you with this task. There are numerous websites online that will provide you with the information of your used jet ski’s market value. You can also check on the nearest jet ski dealer for additional information. This way you can determine your used jet ski’s price range.• Secure and have your papers prepared. If you are one of those people who keep receipts on the things that they have purchase, then start rummaging and secure the receipt of your jet ski. Use the jet ski’s receipt as a proof to the potential buyer so that he will know that you have bought your jet ski in excellent condition. Also, present the receipts on the things that...

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Automotive Parts and Accessories (Dutton-Lainson Company)
  • 2 inch x 12 foot PWC strap
  • Includes 1 inch x 18 inch loop for attaching to bow of jet ski
  • Includes bolt and nut for attaching to winch
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