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2013 Kawasaki Motorcycles

By: gj3737 | 5 / 5 | 16 months ago

I have been riding motor cycles for 47 yrs. I am 63 now. I have own or road most all styles and size bikes. I bought a black 2013 Ninja 300 while snow was still on the ground here in Minnesota. Even with the short riding season I put over 7, 000 miles on. It is light easy to ride - It performed great - city, freeway, and on any other road I could find - It is not a road bike but 500 miles in one ride was no problem. There is no bike you can ride for any distance without getting a little stiff and my 300 gives me plenty of wiggle room ! After a break in period of 1500 miles I went to synthetic oil ( Mobil ) worked the best for me - with changes of oil and filter every 3000 mi. - also added a KN air filter. I have a LeoVince Cobra slip on exhaust I will install this winter - I want a bit more sound for safety reasons - I will also be putting better tires on - The factory tires tend to break loose to easy - All my friends ride larger road bikes - My 300 has no problem there - I have had my 300 up to 102 MPH before I ran out of road - we have one Z 1000 rider in the group - My 300 can't compete with the power but I hold may own quit well ( Better than the road bikes for sure LOL ) The moral here is you don't spend a lot to get a lot. I must warn you becoming Addicted to this little gem is a given if fun is what you are looking for !!

CommentsBy: Greg J

LeoVince did not come through for me ! So I went with a IXIL Silencer which has ended up being a better choice Very Cool look good performance and sound - I also have replaced the factory tires with Pirelli Sport Demons and installed a ZeroGravity Sport Touring smoke windscreen - all of which has made this great little bike that much better !!

By: Tedarico Appelgate | 5 / 5 | 20 months ago

LOVE IT. ride almost everyday, great gas mileage, and nice to look at.next month i'm taking a course at track days near my house to get a better feel of the bike a
and learn how to take corners correctly, i cant wait to ride on a closed course with instructors to guide me. just came on site to subscribe to mag. and started to look around

By: smashplayer13 | 5 / 5 | 15 months ago

Everything about this bike is perfect I Highly recommend anyone who is looking for a first bike its really fun to drive!!!

By: Kenneth Razonable Chan1 | 5 / 5 | 9 months ago

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