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2014 Kawasaki Teryx 4

Anyone in the Reno area?
Need your help on a fitment verification - read on!

Twin Works Factory Racing has developed a brake upgrade kit initially for the Suzuki SV 650 front brakes that allows install of 4 piston calipers off 01-03 GSXR to be utilized. This makes an incredible difference to the braking capability.
4 active pistons vs 2 pot-floating - you don't have to be rocket-scientist to recognize how much better it will be!
The GSXR calipers are readily available on E-Bay at very attractive prices. Gold 6-pot off 01-02 GSXR 1000 can also be used if you want some additional 'bling' although performance is not necessarily any better than the GSXR 4-pots (but still dramatically better than the 2 pot OEMs).

Now - The SV calipers & the ZR-7/S calipers are identical so this should be able to be utilizez on the Kawasaki also.
Real-world testing on the SV proves the theory - huge improvement and would like to be able to get you guys an upgrade path to better performance also.

Hence the initial request - unfortunately can't test-fit on family member (DarrellB) ZR-7 as the forks have been swapped out to ZX6:
Although I can validate, since this bike uses the GSXR 6-pots on the OEM ZR-7 wheel/rotor that the performance difference is substantial!

So TWF needs someone in the Reno area to drop by shop for test-fitting. This is absolutely not a solicitation to sell you anything - just need 15 mins of your time to pop off your caliper and do mechanical test-fit of adapter-plus-caliper to ensure pad fully covers the rotor.
Will be non-invasive, won't even break your fluid line.

This would be of great help to the ZR-7 community even if you have no personal desire/interest to do this mod yourself.

However if you do like the look of what you see, you'll get a great deal on a set of calipers/adapter plates with free install/bleed if you want to go for it.

PM me for details and I'll refer you to Zoran at TWF.
(not available to anyone outside the local area until we confirm the fitment, but stay tuned for news!)

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