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If you are going to be riding a motorcycle in Illinois, you are required by law to purchase a minimum amount of motorcycle insurance coverage that will protect you in the event of an Illinois motorcycle accident. The state requires 20-40-15 coverage minimums for bodily injury and property liability insurance. These minimum levels may not be enough, however. A lot of thought needs to go into choosing and buying motorcycle insurance coverage that is appropriate for you. The following guidelines, courtesy of, will help you confidently choose and purchase the right motorcycle insurance plan:

  • Research multiple insurance providers and shop around for multiple quotes. If you are happy with your auto insurance coverage, find out whether your auto insurance provider offers motorcycle insurance as well. You may even get a discount.
  • Speak to an insurance agent, do not research solely online. If you call an insurance agent, they may offer better rates or better discounts than those you may have found online.
  • Your age, driving record, type of motorcycle, how you store your bike, where you live, how often you ride, and even your credit score can influence the rates your are offered. Don’t jump into research expecting one rate to apply to every rider.
  • Take your motorcycle riding habits into account when choosing your coverage plan. Some things to take into consideration are whether you ride all year round or seasonally, with or without passengers, and on a track, street, or off-road.
  • If you have taken a recent Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course or are a member of groups like Harley Owners Group (HOG) or the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) you may get a discount.
  • Motorcycle passengers are not covered by the driver’s insurance. If you will be carrying passengers, you might consider purchasing Guest Passenger Liability.
  • The best coverage is full Comprehensive and Collision coverage, and, though it is the most expensive, it offers the highest amount of protection in the event of a crash, regardless of fault.
  • If you are riding a new and expensive motorcycle, going with basic liability coverage that only pays out when you cause injury or property damage to others will not offer protection for your bike, should it become damaged or need replacement.

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